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Update on Canine Influenza

Zuko encourages protection against the flu.

The dog flu recently in Illinois is a new strain of influenza virus called H3N2. It is extremely contagious and generally causes upper respiratory infection signs including coughing, sneezing, and greenish nasal discharge. Occasionally - in young, old, or immune compromised dogs - the infection develops into pneumonia, which is life-threatening.


To prevent the flu, there are two vaccines available.  One vaccine is to protect against the “old” flu virus, H3N8. A newer vaccine is available to protect against the new H3N2 strain. It’s recommended to get both vaccines for full protection. If your pet has never received the vaccines before, he or she will need two vaccines that are 3-4 weeks apart, then annually for continued protection. Your pet will not be fully protected until 2 weeks after the second vaccine. 


We have the vaccine for the new H3N2 strain since it is currently in central Illinois. Call or email us to set up an appointment.  

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