Loving pets is what we do!


A proper cleaning requires anesthesia.

Professional dental cleanings are important to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Did you know that most dogs have dental disease by the time they are 3 years old?! Or that you can extend your pet's life by a few YEARS by keeping their teeth clean?!


Celebrate Dental Health Month by getting your pet's teeth professionally cleaned. Call us today for details on our special pricing on dental cleanings for the month of February. 


Motzu lounging on his cat shelf.

We work hard to make your cat's visit as easy as possible for both of you. 


Read our articles to show you how to make the trip to the vet easier. You can also pick up a free stress kit prior to your cat's appointment or a cat carrier if you need one.


At Loving Paws Pet Clinic your pet will receive outstanding veterinary care in a loving environment. Our veterinarians and team cater to the comfort of each pet that enters our clinic. We strive to make the visit more enjoyable for your pet and for you. We aren’t just an animal hospital – we are a pet clinic because we know your pet is an important family member. Loving Paws serves pets in Savoy, Champaign, Urbana, Tolono, Mahomet, Philo, St. Joseph and everywhere in between. We are the vets with the loving touch!


Dr. Colgan with a patient after laser therapy

Our team is trained in handling techniques that reduce stress to ensure your pet's comfort. With the most advanced equipment and our interest in holistic and complementary therapies, we provide the best care possible. 

We emphasize preventive medicine and ways to keep your pet healthy. Working with you, our client, we help you understand your pet’s medical needs. This allows us to work together to help your pet live a long and healthy life.


Loving Paws also believes in giving back to the community. We need to do our part to make it better for the people and pets that live in it.