Loving Paws Pet Clinic

After knowing each other for a dozen years, Dr. Kuchenbrod and Dr. Colgan decided it was time to start their own clinic, one based on low stress and loving care. We worked together to design Loving Paws from scratch. (We also had a LOT of help.) We broke ground in February, and opened our doors July 13, 2015.  


Come take a tour of the clinic. See our boarding areas and what we have to offer you and your pet. Click here for a virtual tour.  


Floor Plans

The top of the picture is south. The entrance is on the right side and faces Walmart.

The blue areas are the dog exam rooms and the dog kennel area. The red areas are the cat exam rooms and the room with cat condos for boarding. The reception area has dogs and cats separated. This allows the kitties to avoid dogs as much as possible.