Take a Tour of the Clinic

Welcome to Loving Paws Pet Clinic!


Follow the large paw prints to the right toward the dog area or follow the small pawprints to the left for the cat side. We try to keep dogs and cats separated to reduce your pet's stress.



One of our friendly receptionists will greet you when you arrive. They will be happy to help you with your needs. Treats are available for both humans and pets!


The dog side has a large waiting area if needed. When checking out, we also have a location for the leash to be attached to make check out easier with your dog. 


Next to the exam rooms, the scale is recessed into the floor so that your dog doesn't get scared about having to step up onto the scale. A yoga mat helps avoid slipping. And of course, we also have treats for motivation!


This is one of two exam rooms for dogs. The table in this room folds flat against the wall to allow for more floor space for big dogs.



This is the second dog exam room. This has a hydraulic table so it can go down to the floor and lift your dog up. Yoga mats are on all the tables to preven slipping and to keep it warmer in the winter.



This is the cat side of the reception area. The aquarium is on this side for our feline friends!

This is one of two exam rooms for cats. We use yoga mats on the tables and phermones in the rooms for your cat's comfort.  Treats treats, catnip, and toys are available in both rooms.



Behind the reception area and exam rooms, you can see our pharmacy. We carry many medications your pet will need but also work with an online pharmacy to get you what your pet needs.


At the other end of the hall is our lab. We can do many common tests in-house to give you fast results. This is especially important for sick pets.


Our treatment area is the center hub of the clinic. The kennels are for pets  that need closer attention and monitoring such as those recovering from surgery.


Within our treatment room is the dentistry center. It's here that we can do anesthesia, x-ray teeth, and professional clean teeth. 


This part of the treatment room has a hydraulic lift table and is used to prep pets for surgery as well as other minor procedures. 


The surgery room is connected to the treatment area. It's location allows for quick movements from the prep area and the x-ray area. The door is kept closed at all times and the room is only used for surgeries. This helps to keep it extra clean.

The x-ray room contains our digital x-ray machine that produces exceptionally clear pictures that can be enlarge and manipulate on the computer screen. To the right is our ultrasound machine. Ultrasound allows us to see organs in more details than x-rays and is helpful to diagnose certain conditions.


Our breakroom is tucked into the back corner of the clinic. It's a place for staff to relax during breaks and eat lunch. We also hold regular meetings to educate the team.

Our boarding area has runs with glass doors so dogs can see what's going on. Smaller kennels are available but we try to keep all dogs in the largest available space. 


A door in the kennel area leads to our large enclosed outside yard where dogs can run and play without a leash. The turf helps avoid the mud. 

Our cat boarding area has a large window with a bird feeder outside. The cats have two-story "condos" that give them more room and a separate bedroom to sleep. This area is separated from the dogs to decrease stress.


Cats are allowed out to play. There is a tall climbing/scratching post in the corner and shelves on the wall so they can climb up and hang out.


This is the central hub for our boarding pets. We offer a high quality food designed to reduce stomach upsets, but you are welcome to bring your pet's regular food.


The grooming area has a raised tub for the comfort and safety of team members. A professional blower is used to blast away the loose hair and dry your dog quickly. 

Thank you for taking our tour! We would be happy to show you in person. Just come on by and ask for a tour.