Dogs will enjoy their stay in our Bed 'N Biscuit. We have 6 runs with clear doors as well as a variety of kennels as well. Your pet will enjoy the largest area available (even if it means a Chihuahua in a large run!). Our large, fenced-in, turf covered area is a favorite among our boarders. 

Abby LOVES playing with her toys during her stay.

Amenities include:

  • Beds or blankets for sleeping. (Older dogs or those who need more support are given extra padding.)
  • Food puzzle toys and chew toys
  • Special food to help digestive tracts and reduce upset stomachs (we will glady feed your own food if you prefer)
  • Soothing music, designed to reduce stress in dogs, is played in the kennel area
  • You are encouraged to bring your dog’s favorite bed, toys, or treats.
Our canopy offers additional protection for some of those picky pups.
  • Access to an enclosed outdoor area with artificial turf ("doggy grass") including a canopy for shade on hot days and for dogs who don't like the rain
  • Exercise/play time outdoors with balls and toys
  • Close monitoring of your dog's health and behavior


Mo enjoying the view.

Cats love the comfort in our Kitty Condos, completely separated from dogs. We have 6 condos and a large room with a climbing tower and shelves. A large picture window provides the perfect place to watch the birds. We can also combine the top and bottom condos to give your cat even more space or to allow 2 cats to stay together.  



Gracie & George sharing a double condo.

Amenities include:

  • Two-story condo with an elevated perch
  • Separate litter box area apart from eating and sleeping areas
  • Beds or blankets provided, though we encourge you to bring a favorite one. (Familiar smells can help them be more comfortable.)
Kristina enjoying play time.
  • Large picture window that oversees bird feeders
  • Soothing music, created to reduce stress in cats, is played in the cat condo area
  • Toys and time outside their condo for the cats who like to explore
  • Climbing post and shelves on the wall 
  • Pheromones are used in their room to reduce stress
  • Special food to help digestive tracts and reduce upset stomachs (we will glady feed your own food if you prefer)
  • You are encouraged to bring your cat's favorite bed, toys, or treats
  • Close monitoring of your cat's health and behavior
Jackaroo & Copper playing ball.

All pets need to be current on vaccinations for boarding. Dogs need to be current on rabies vaccine, distemper/parvo vaccine, bordetella vaccine, and have a negative fecal within the last 6 months. Cats need to be current on rabies vaccine and feline distemper vaccine. We can obtain fecal samples and give vaccines if needed or provide any other routine veterinary care your pet needs while staying with us. If we see fleas, we will treat your pet which may require an exam. 

Drop off times are any time during business hours. You can pick up your pet any time during business hours or at 6 pm sharp on Saturday or Sunday evenings. We do not have pick up available on major holidays. 


Call or email us if you would like to know how your pet is doing while you are away. If you send a postcard, we will read it to your pet and place it on the door! We will try to provide whatever your pet needs to have a happy, healthy stay with us.


We encourage you to come visit our facility and tour the boarding areas. You can see where your pet will stay and feel confident in the care we will give.