Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) refers to therapies that are not commonly used in mainstream medicine. However, what is considered CAM varies over time as therapies become more accepted. Acupuncture is a good example. It may still be considered CAM, but is accepted by most medical professionals and insurance companies these days.


CAM gives us more tools in our toolbox for helping your pets stay healthy. Often there are alternative therapies that work just as well as pharmaceutical drugs without the side effects. We use a variety of therapies at Loving Paws Pet Clinic and will work with you to choose what is best for your pet.



Herbs have been used as medicine for thousands of years in every culture. They are still beneficial today. Many drugs are derived from plants. However, when a drug is made, it is a purified form, which tends to have more side effects. Medicinal herbs can also have side effects, but tend to be gentler on your pet's system.


One of the herbs we use most often is Slippery Elm Bark. It works great for all kinds of digestive problems, and we use it for pets that are prone to nervous diarrhea (for instance, traveling or boarding). We use herbs for several other conditions, as well, including cancer. 


Treating cancer with herbs and supplements is an alternative to chemotherapy or radiation, but it can also be used alongside those treatments. Many pets we have treated have benefited from the alternative therapies.


Nutritional Supplements

Layla loves her Sea Jerky treats and they help her arthritis.

Nutritional supplements are ones that are often composed of vitamins, minerals, or similar products. These supplements will help your pet's body deal with many diseases. They can also help to keep your pet healthy. Senior pets will often have more energy and can fight diseases better.


Joint supplements are common these days to help pets with arthritis. Most aging pets will benefit from them, and they work best if you start them early. Antioxidants are extremely helpful for seniors and any pet with a chronic health problem. Probiotics and fish oil both benefit the immune system in addition to other benefits.


Supplements are good for most, if not all, pets. We will help you decide what is best for your pet based on your pet's age and health.

Bach Flowers

Bach Flower Remedies are extracts from flowers. They are very beneficial for treating stressful situations as well as some behavior problems. We like them because they are very safe and very easy to give your pet. We will custom blend several ones that are most likely to help your pet.