Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Stormy tried to sleep in the doctor's arms!

Your puppy or kitten gets some protection from mom's milk. Unfortunately, it doesn't last. Vaccines are needed over a period of time to help your little one build a healthy immune response against diseases.


Puppies and kittens can get roundworms and hookworms from their mothers, but they may have other parasites as well. Some of them can cause severe illness in a youngster. That's why we perform several fecal screenings and give deworming medication.


It is important that your growing puppy or kitten have several physical exams during this early stage of their life. It is during this development stage that problems can be identified early such as umbilical hernias, retained baby teeth, or congenital heart issues. This also gives us the opportunity to talk with you about training, behavior, and diet. You can ask all the questions you have so that your puppy or kitten gets a great start.


Havoc getting a belly rub during his exam.