Digital Radiography

Zuko is getting his chest x-rayed.

X-rays, otherwise known as radiographs, are an important tool used to evaluate the health of your pet. They are a two dimensional image of your pet's bones and internal organs.


The information gathered from an x-ray can identify problems such as heart disease or a broken bone and can look for things such as a foreign body lodged in the stomach or intestines. With digital x-rays, we can quickly take high quality images of your pet with minimal stress.

The round white objects (red arrow) are bladder stones

The quality of digital x-rays is much higher than traditional film x-rays you are used to seeing. In addition, because the image is digital, the veterinarian can enhance the picture on the computer or enlarge certain areas to get a closer look. Many veterinary offices don't offer digital because the equipment is expensive.


Lower jaw of a dog.

We also have digital dental x-rays for examining tooth roots and surrounding tissues. Dental x-ray images are critical for the proper examination of teeth. Since digital is much quicker than standard dental radiographs, we are pleased to offer full mouth dental radiographs. This allows us to monitor your pet's dental health much more efficiently and thoroughly and to identify any early signs of potential problems. 


Loving Paws Pet Clinic has the best equipment to give your pet the best care possible.