Prevention is the Key

A healthy pet is a happy pet and a happy client. Keep your pet healthy by preventing diseases with preventive medicines and vaccinations. A good diet and supplements will also help, and we can advise you on what your pet needs. 


Oliver receiving a 3 yr feline distemper vaccine.

Vaccines not only protect your pet, they can also protect you and your family. We try to limit vaccinations and only give what your pet needs. However, keeping your pet up to date on vaccines is a proven way to prevent certain diseases. 


Indoor-only cats also need preventive care and regular check-ups. Heartworms are carried by mosquitoes and studies have shown that of the cats who get heartworms, about 1/3 are indoor cats. Bats are the main carriers of rabies in our area and can get into our houses. All pets should be vaccinated for rabies every three years. Fleas will hitchhike into your home on your shoes or clothing so indoor cats will benefit from regular flea control.

Clipper & Doc lounging at home.