Aubrey counting pills in our pharmacy.

In-house pharmacy: We carry a variety of medicine and supplements at the clinic for your convenience. 

  • Get the medicine immediately without an extra trip
  • Mail-in rebates and free products available on heartworm and flea medicine
  • Single dosease of heartworm and flea medicine is available. 
  • Some prescription food is available
  • Variety of payment options available including Care Credit
  • Special ordering available for pet-specific medicine
The online pharmacy is easy to use.

Online Pharmacy: We have teamed up with an online pharmacy that works directly with the manfacturers in order to provide you with trusted products from reputable sources. 

  • Manufacturers' guarantees are honored (unlike other online pharmacies)
  • Coupon codes offered to save you money
  • Autoship is available so you can get your pet's routine medicine and supplements when needed (this includes single doses of heartworm and flea prevention)
  • Free shipping on most orders over $49
  • Free shipping on Autoship products (even for single doses!)
  • More options and sizes available for your convenience
  • Lower prices on many medications and supplements
  • Compounded prescriptions available
  • Food can be shipped directly to your doorstep
  • Large selection including non-prescription items like shampoos, treats, and more

Compounding Pharmacy: Custom medication compounding allows you to give your pet the exact dose it needs in a dosage form that works best for you and your pet. We work with a local compounding pharmacy, Doug's Compounding Pharmacy. They are located in Paxton, IL so you can pick up your medicine if needed or you can have it mailed to you. 

  • Many medicines can be made into a flavored liquid of your choice
  • Certain medicines can be made into a transdermal form which is placed on the inside, hair-less part of your pet's ear to make medicating your pet easier for the both of you 
  • Each dose is custom to your pet's needs
  •  Certain medicine is available here that cannot be purchased at a regular pharmacy.